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Get prepared for your stay in Australia and read our information on Australia. Study- Travel - Work - Australia is a project with no bounds, a dream that became reality and caught the imagination of a passionate community of international travellers and students from around the world. Find out more about us!

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Please note, no matter what the purpose of your visit to Australia is (work, holiday, study, visiting relatives, etc), you must have passport and apply for a visa. You can do it at the Australian embassy or Consulate in your home country. Citizens of designated countries can also apply online for an e-visa or visit the Department of Immigration Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs website for visa information and the contact details for Australian embassies and consulates worldwide.

Before Arrival in Australia

You need a visa and flight ticket to get ready to head to Australia. 
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What to pack for your travel to Australia

Receive a checklist to help you pack your backpack. You can also check the Australian Quarantine rules to learn what you can and cannot bring to Australia.
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Arrival Survival 

Get advice what to do when you arrive in Australia (customs, quarantine, accomodation, safety, tax, bank account, english courses, education and training, find a job...) and how to ensure stress-free first few days.
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What to do
in Australia

A checklist of he essential steps to take to prepare for your trip, including organising a bank account and mail forwarding.

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