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American Society
Animation & Comics Association
Archery Club
Architectural Conservation Association
Art Club
Art History Society, Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students' Union
Arts Association
Astronomy Club
Athletics Club
Badminton Club
Basketball Club
Beyond the Pivot (BTP)
Biochemistry Society
Biological Sciences Society
Biomedical Sciences Society
Bridge Club
Buddhist Studies Society
Business and Economics Association
Business Association
Calligraphy Society
Campus TV
Catholic Society
Chemistry Society
China Education Association
Chinese Orchestra
Chinese Society
Christian Association
Christian Choir
Civil Engineering Society
Computer Science Association
Computer Society
Cultural Association
Dancing Club
Debating Society
Dental Society
Dragon Boat Club
Drama Society
Economics & Finance Society
Education Society
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association
Engineering Society
English Society
Environmental Life Science Society
Fencing Club
Film Society
Food and Nutritional Science Society
Football Club
French Society
Geological & Archaeological Society Geographical
German Association
Golden Z Club
Handball Club
History Society
Hockey Club
Hong Kong Award for Young People
Hornell Hall Students' Association
Independent Clubs Association
Industrial Engineering Society
Information Systems Association
Investment Society
Japanese Society
Judo Club
Karate Club
Kendo Club
Korean Society
Lacrosse Club
Lady Ho Tung Hall Students' Association
Law Association
Lee Chi Hung Hall Students' Association
Lee Hysan Hall Students' Association
Lee Shau Kee Hall Students' Association
Life Planet
Linguistics Society
Magic Club
Mathematics Society
Mechanical Engineering Society
Medical Engineering Society
Medical Society
Morrison Hall Students' Association
Music Club
Music Society
Muslim Students' Association
Netball Club
Nursing Society
Photographic Society
Political & Public Administration Association
Postgraduate Student Association
Psychology Society
R.C. Lee Hall Students' Association
Ramblers' Club
Ricci Hall Students' Association
Rotaract Club
Rowing Club
Science Society
Simon K.Y. Lee Hall Students' Association
Social Sciences Society
Social Service Group
Social Work and Social Administration Society
Society of Comparative Literature
Sociology Society
Softball Club
Spanish Society
Sport Climbing Club
Sports Association
St. John's College Students' Association
Starr Hall Students' Association
Statistics and Actuarial Science Society
Students' Union
Suen Chi Sun Students' Association
Swire Hall Students' Association
Table-tennis Club
Taekwondo Club
Tennis Club
Union Choir
Union Philharmonic Orchestra
University Hall Students' Association
Weapons and Tactics Association
Wei Lun Hall Students' Association
Wofoo Leaders' Network (HKU)
World University Service
Youth Literary Awards Association